Job Opportunities in Astrostatistics

*We are looking for a “Jobs Editor” to help identify and organize job opportunities in astrostatistics.  If you are interested, please contact Jessi at

Assistant Professor Big Data Astronomy
Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen, Netherlands


Deadlines: Application deadline is April 21, 2024

Past Job Opportunities

TITAN – Frugal AI and Application in Astrophysics Postdocs (2 positions)

Crete, Greece

Details: An ERA Chair HORIZON EUROPE grant funded by the EU; 2 years with possibility of extension; Salary 45.000-50.000 €/year (gross income depending on family status)

The two positions are to work in cosmology and/or machine learning in the context of cosmology. Subjects of interest are optical and radio weak-lensing, High order statistics, EoR, inverse problems, deep learning, components separation, data on manifold, high dimensional and big data processing, etc.

Interested candidates are invited to communicate with J.-L. Starck ( and P. Tsakalides (, sending a cover letter and their CV by May 31, 2023. CVs can be sent before the deadline as positions could be filled before if an ideal candidate is found.

Deadlines: Application deadline is May 31, 2023, selection deadline is when filled.

Research Assistant/Associate in Supernovae/Astrostatistics/Data Science

with Dr. Kaisey Mandel

Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, UK


Deadlines: Application deadline is Dec 15, 2022, selection deadline is Feb 15, 2023

Assistant Professor of Statistics - Cluster Hire

to deepen UW-Madison leadership in multi-messenger/time domain Astrophysics

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Deadlines: open until filled, anticipated begin date August 21, 2023

Ten PhD and Postdoc positions

related to Euclid, SKA, and JWST; cosmology (weak lensing); machine learning, and/or astrostatistics methodologies

at CEA Saclay France or project partners FORTH Heraklion Greece, ENSICAEN Caen France and Nice University


Deadlines: First deadlines are on Nov 15, 2022 and last deadlines are on Jan 31, 2023